We’d like to extend our congratulations to Christian Jenkins awarded the Most Outstanding Exhibit at the 2022 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. His garden named Inner Calm was announced the overall winner this morning, giving him the Gold Medal.

Landscaper to Winners of the Block 2021, Christian is pictured here at the front of Inner Calm with our director Wayne Allan. He’s a great friend to the Workplace Alliance family and we share his passion for excellence. We congratulate him for his continued high performance results.

Part of Workplace Alliance’s charter is strong Community Involvement. As Founder of Workplace Alliance, Wayne Allan has been asked to mentor an international student. Meet Sagar. A Civil Engineering student at Deakin University. We are jointly proud to be involved with Sagar’s journey in sharing experiences & assisting in his development.

This Circular Economy development fits with our overall charter of leaving it better than we found it.
Thank you Sagar for having us a part of your experiences here in Australia.

Workplace Alliance are proud supporters of STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM partners with businesses and schools to give their students real industry experience. Building this bridge while children are still in school gives them insight and encouragement to pick subjects which they are passionate in, and in turn they can see how their studies and apply in the workforce.

Moli Bagshaw from Clonard College spent this last in hi-vis with the Workplace Alliance engineers. Experiencing a range of areas, and not afraid to be hands-on and brave the heights of the scissor lift. Moli is the 3rd student who we have conducted this work experience with as part of our investment in students and trades.

Workplace Alliance would like to thank Godfrey Hirst for allowing us to bring Moli onto their premises safely, as well as Clonard College for their continual support.
Pictured are left to right: Wayne Allan, Moli Bagshaw, Craig Kerr Nelson.


Workplace Alliance are proud to announce their continued sponsorship at NORTH GEELONG SECONDARY COLLEGE to support disadvantaged students to participate in the College’s EIS AFL Program.
Our commitment sits perfectly with our vision of: “Leaving it Better than we found it.”

Our view is to support community & this compliments our association with the Northern Futures Initiative. Our association with North Geelong Secondary College is in its third year and we look forward to many more working together with Principal Nicholas Adamou, in Alliance for a better community for everyone.


In March 2019, Workplace Alliance published an article highlighting how one of our valued employees, Daniel Atkins manages his MS and thrives in the workplace in spite of his MS diagnoses. Here is a recap and update on how Daniel continues to impress and inspire all of us at Workplace Alliance with his can do attitude and determination.

“Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is often misunderstood by employers” according to Workplace Alliance’s newest team member Daniel Atkins.

Daniel joined the Workplace Alliance team as fully operational Maintenance Fitter, operating out of Godfrey Hirst in Geelong.

Having completed his apprenticeship in 2012, and after being made redundant after his previous employer shut down operations locally, Daniel has not only successfully managed his MS, but also the unsubstantiated concerns and assumptions of future employers. “I’ve had a number of employers knock me back after letting them know I have MS. I even had one employer tell me that I was too much of an OH&S risk even though I have a spotless employment record and 3 days off work since being diagnosed in 2010. Other employers just didn’t ring me back” Daniel explains.

A chance meeting connected Daniel with Workplace Alliance Managing Director Wayne Allan, who also acted as Daniel’s supervisor during his apprenticeship. Wayne says “Daniel is a welcomed new team member who offers great skill, enthusiasm and experience to our company.”

Daniel has worked with Wayne, his supervisor and the team to ensure they are aware and understand his disease. “I take responsibility for my disease and the quality and safety of my work” Daniel explains. “Wayne and my supervisor Craig have been great in giving me this opportunity. The only thing they have requested of me is to keep them informed of how I am and anything else that may impact on my role. It has lifted my spirits to be doing the work I love, and can still do at a high level.”

Daniel’s message to employers considering employing someone with a disease or disability such as MS is simple. “Talk to the person first to understand the disease or disability and whether the they feel they are capable of doing the work at the level you require.”

Wayne’s advice is also simple “Give people like Daniel a go. Workplace Alliance has an opportunity and a moral compass that points to giving people like Daniel a chance. Workplace Alliance, Daniel and our team will benefit from this experience and others like it. We all have limitations, it is up to all of us to understand and work with each other to manage and minimise every limitation. Doing this enables us to get the best out of each moment and each other.”

Daniel​ continues to inspire the team at Workplace Alliance and continues to deliver great work outcomes as he and the team manage his MS.

A father of two beautiful children with one due any day, Daniel says he loves the work he undertakes at Workplace Alliance. “This is the best place I’ve ever worked. I love the type of work, the variety, but most of all, as a father I also love the pay.” Daniel says.

A keen gardener, Daniel says MS can be overwhelming and there are days that I struggle, but I feel the team and the organisation has my back and has been understanding and supportive of my MS management plan. “I feel safe, valued and supported”

Daniel’s work ethic and skill base has been recognised by Workplace Alliance with Daniel working on many projects and having his role progressing in the organisation.

Workplace Alliance is big on providing opportunities for people of all abilities and backgrounds.
Managing Director, Wayne Allan said “We are working on a number of community projects including working closely with Geelong Cats legend Matt Stokes to provide opportunities for local indigenous youth through his SEEKER.Global program.”

“We (Workplace Alliance) believe in the circular economy in supporting local business and community, providing opportunities for those who need our support and belief. We see Daniel as a role model and his story inspires us to do more.” Wayne says

For more information on MS visit the MS Australia website.
For more information on the SEEKER.Global Program visit their website

Workplace Alliance is an Australian-based company offering extensive industrial engineering support services, including Facilities Maintenance to businesses in a range of industries across the globe.

Geelong based, Workplace Alliance Engineering are pleased to announce that they have signed up with North Geelong Secondary College to provide much needed funds to support their Excellence in Sport Program.

Managing Director, Wayne Allan commented “We see sport as one of life’s great equalisers and our donation to fund three young people in North Geelong Secondary College’s progressive program worth contributing to.”

Workplace Alliance Engineering are also proud long-term supporters of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics), and have been supporting and encouraging both young women and men to enter a career in trades and engineering.

“We see our involvement in this valuable community program as another ‘cog in the wheel’ of a local company supporting socially disadvantaged youth. Our challenge from Workplace Alliance Engineering to other Geelong companies is to get on board and support programs such as the one offered by North Geelong Secondary that give our youth a hand up.” Mr Allan said.

Our support would also not be possible without the fantastic work of all of our team at Workplace Alliance. We are very proud to be involved.

Workplace Alliance Engineering is a Geelong-based company offering extensive industrial engineering support services to businesses in a range of industries.

Workplace Alliance is excited to welcome tradesperson Hannah Terry to our team.

Managing Director, Wayne Allan says that having Hannah and other women on the team adds great variety and balance to our workplace. “We encourage and welcome any women who want to work in this field. We are working hard with a number of STEM based organisations to encourage more women to enter our industry direct from school.” Wayne says.

Hannah is one of a number of women who are an integral part of the team at Workplace Alliance.

Workplace Alliance is a Geelong-based company offering extensive industrial engineering services to businesses in a range of industries.

Our team recently got behind the Bushfire Appeal with a series of fundraising activities that raised over $1900.

Our team is grateful for the brave efforts of firefighters and others on the front-line and the amazing individuals that have volunteered their time in providing much needed community support.

Workplace Alliance also thanks Boral and Godfrey Hirst for their support of our fundraising initiative.

Update: Workplace Alliance would like to thank Carbon Revolution and their partners who joined our team in our fundraising efforts. This has lifted our teams contribution to the Bushfire Appeal to over $5100.

Join Workplace Alliance and our team in supporting those affected by donating.

Go to Vic Bushfire Disaster Appeal or the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal.

Workplace Alliance is a Geelong-based company offering extensive industrial engineering services to businesses in a range of industries.