Our team have been busy over the holiday period conducting remedial works at one of our client sites.

The works are required to get the piece of infrastructure ready for use on the West Gate Tunnel Project in Melbourne Australia.

Workplace Alliance is a Geelong-based company offering extensive industrial engineering services to businesses in a range of industries.

Many parts of South Eastern Australia are experiencing unprecedented bushfires. Join Workplace Alliance and our Team in supporting those affected by donating. Go to Vic Bushfire Disaster Appeal or the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal.

Many parts of South Eastern Australia are experiencing unprecedented bushfires.

As a community based company, Workplace Alliance is devastated at the destruction caused by these bushfires.

Join Workplace Alliance and our Team in supporting those affected by donating.

Go to Vic Bushfire Disaster Appeal or the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal.

Stephanie Fear loves her Hawks and AFL, “one eyed I am, I miss playing”, says Workplace Alliance’s Trade Assistant. Stephanie is a number of talented women who are making a lasting contribution to what has traditionally been a male dominated workforce.

Stephanie and Managing Director Wayne Allan, go way back. Wayne was Stephanie’s supervisor during her 7 years as a Stores Assistant at Boral Cement. “When I finished at Boral, I phoned Wayne and he welcomed me to Workplace Alliance where I now work as a Trade Assistant.” Stephanie explains.

Stephanie has enjoyed a varied work history over her career including time as a cook, working at Brintons Carpets and has also been a picture framer. “A woman working as a Trade Assistant is rare in this industry, but I love it” Stephanie explains, “It’s different type of work everyday, I help with the Stores work, wrapping, receiving, doing the ‘milk runs’ to replenish the cupboards so that our client (Stephanie works at the Carbon Revolution site) production rates and standards remain world class.”

According to Stephanie Workplace Alliance is a great place to work with everyone from Wayne to the people she works with in the stores being very approachable, respectful and helpful. “I’ve noticed a huge difference between the culture at Workplace Alliance to previous employers. I can speak to Wayne about anything and he will show me interest, care and respect. I feel valued” Stephanie said.

Stephanie’s message to other women and girls wanting a career in STEM? “Have a go, I’ve learnt so much and gained so much confidence. I can drive a forklift, I now have heaps of industrial licences, I love the work.”

As for life outside of work, Stephanie is mother to four children, Grandmother to one, with another on the way. She also enjoys life with partner Craig, and her two dogs and a cat. Stephanie grew up in Geelong and has played WVFL for the Corio She Devils. She now enjoys watching her beloved Hawks.

Wayne Allan says having Stephanie and other women on the team adds great variety and balance to our workplace. “We encourage and welcome any women who want to work in this field, and we are working hard with a number of STEM based organisations to encourage more girls to enter our industry direct from school.” Wayne says.

For more information on a STEM career click here or contact Wayne at Workplace Alliance.

March 13, 2019

“Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is often misunderstood by employers” according to Workplace Alliance’s newest team member Daniel Atkins.

Daniel has joined the Workplace Alliance team as fully operational Maintenance Fitter, operating out of Godfrey Hirst in Geelong.

Having completed his apprenticeship in 2012, and after being made redundant after his previous employer shut down operations locally, Daniel has not only successfully managed his MS, but also the unsubstantiated concerns and assumptions of future employers. “I’ve had a number of employers knock me back after letting them know I have MS. I even had one employer tell me that I was too much of an OH&S risk even though I have a spotless employment record and 3 days off work since being diagnosed in 2010. Other employers just didn’t ring me back” Daniel explains.

A chance meeting connected Daniel with Workplace Alliance Managing Director Wayne Allan, who also acted as Daniel’s supervisor during his apprenticeship. Wayne says “Daniel is a welcomed new team member who offers great skill, enthusiasm and experience to our company.”

Daniel has worked with Wayne, his supervisor and the team to ensure they are aware and understand his disease. “I take responsibility for my disease and the quality and safety of my work” Daniel explains. “Wayne and my supervisor Craig have been great in giving me this opportunity. The only thing they have requested of me is to keep them informed of how I am and anything else that may impact on my role. It has lifted my spirits to be doing the work I love, and can still do at a high level.”

Daniel’s message to employers considering employing someone with a disease or disability such as MS is simple. “Talk to the person first to understand the disease or disability and whether the they feel they are capable of doing the work at the level you require.”

Wayne’s advice is also simple “Give people like Daniel a go. Workplace Alliance has an opportunity and a moral compass that points to giving people like Daniel a chance. Workplace Alliance, Daniel and our team will benefit from this experience and others like it. We all have limitations, it is up to all of us to understand and work with each other to manage and minimise every limitation. Doing this enables us to get the best out of each moment and each other.”

For more information on MS visit the MS Australia website.

Photo – Daniel (left) with Supervisor Craig Kerr-Nelson

March 7, 2018

Workplace Alliance is proud to announce its latest cooperative venture with the Wathaurong Aboriginal Community.

Workplace Alliance has a history of working with the Indigenous community, we already have an Indigenous employee who has graduated in Engineering.

Workplace Alliance will work with Wathaurong to select and train a young Indigenous person in Engineering.
The successful candidate will work with all Workplace Alliance employees to fully round them in Mechanical Engineering.

They will be exposed to a number of our clients and projects ranging from pure research related to fully hands on fitting work.

This is an example of how Workplace Alliance’s and Wathaurong’s commitment to each other will assist young Indigenous people in getting into the Engineering discipline.

As a family owned and community based Engineering company, Workplace Alliance will continue to foster relations between Wathaurong and the greater Victorian Community at large.

June 19, 2018

Workplace Alliance is proud to announce it will again be the major sponsor for the Embrace Awareness Annual Gala Dinner Fundraiser.

Embrace Awareness is an organisation devoted to raising the awareness of the impact of Domestic Violence on the survivors and their children. The Gala Dinner raises much needed funds for refuges for families who need to flee violent situations and support programs for children involved in the domestic violence cycle.

Workplace Alliance will, for the third year running be the Major named sponsor for this serious community issue. Aligning with Embrace Awareness is a fundamental cornerstone of what the two organisations stand for.

Both Embrace Awareness and Workplace Alliance are about fairness and giving the most vulnerable a hand up with respect and dignity.

Please contact the Embrace Awareness founder Chelsea Dolby on 0417056551 if you are able to support this most worthy cause in any way.

Workplace Alliance continues to build its relationship with Community through Industry Initiatives.

As a family focused bespoke engineering company, we are proud of our most recent successful venture with Barwon Water.

Workplace Alliance and its team safely and ahead of time relocated the entire Barwon Water Workshop from South Geelong to its new complex at Breakwater.

Led by our Area Manager Phil Bissett, our team comprising of all local trades, including one of our apprentices, utilized new and innovative ways to achieve the collective goals of our client and Workplace Alliance.

We continue to support the local Indigenous Wathaurong Community by utilising local trainees.

The STEM initiative encouraging more girls into Engineering related subjects continues with our female trainee based at Godfrey Hirst in South Geelong.

As the major sponsor to local charity Embrace Awareness Foundation we would like to share they will be holding their Annual Gala Dinner at Lord of the Isles, Saturday 3rd October 2018.

This charity is dedicated to providing support for the children affected by domestic violence. We are extremely proud to be the major sponsor of this most important and worthy cause for the third year.

I urge businesses to please contact the charity founder Chelsea Dolby on 0417056551 if you would like to attend or donate in any way.

Family, Community and Opportunity is what Workplace Alliance is all about.

​Please feel free to contact us for any enquiries