January 2, 2018

In early December, Workplace Alliance, as part of our core business, was asked to help increase output at a local diary.

One of our Engineers from Workplace Alliance went to site to evaluate the current process.

As part of that site evaluation the following items are identified and measured:

  • Natural flow and identification of “bottle necks”
  • Input optimisation
  • Throughput efficiency (waste reduction)
  • Output efficiency
  • Operator awareness
  • Training gaps
  • FMEA – Failure Mode Equipment Analysis

A report was drafted and discussed with the client.

As part of adopting this report:

  1. The OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) has risen by 15% with the trend strongly maintained
  2. We have reduced stores inventory by 37% through means of standardising and different procurement arrangements.
  3. An updated training schedule has been drafted with an expectation of initiation in early 2018.

​This was another successful project where Workplace Alliance worked with a client to optimise production and reduce costs.

March 7, 2018

Workplace Alliance is proud to announce its latest cooperative venture with the Wathaurong Aboriginal Community.

Workplace Alliance has a history of working with the Indigenous community, we already have an Indigenous employee who has graduated in Engineering.

Workplace Alliance will work with Wathaurong to select and train a young Indigenous person in Engineering.
The successful candidate will work with all Workplace Alliance employees to fully round them in Mechanical Engineering.

They will be exposed to a number of our clients and projects ranging from pure research related to fully hands on fitting work.

This is an example of how Workplace Alliance’s and Wathaurong’s commitment to each other will assist young Indigenous people in getting into the Engineering discipline.

As a family owned and community based Engineering company, Workplace Alliance will continue to foster relations between Wathaurong and the greater Victorian Community at large.

April 4, 2018

Workplace Alliance is proud to announce its latest successful project with an International Chemical Company.

Workplace Alliance has been working with our client in both a research and manufacturing role in a world first Pilot Plan based at one of Australia’s most prestigious Universities.

Workplace Alliance wish to thank all of our team involved, particularly Phil Bissett, Michael Mills and one of our excellent apprentices, Darren Goulter.

The commissioning process is now largely over and we are excited that we will be staying on in a process improvement and FMEA role.

​This will be another positive step for Geelong Manufacturing.

May 28, 2018

Workplace Alliance is proud to announce its latest hi-tech project.

The team have completed, on time, on budget another bespoke installation within the Deakin ManuFutures Complex.

Phil Bissett, Michael Mills & Darren Goulter worked alongside our partners to deliver a world first, launched at Deakin University Waurn Ponds.

We continue to support Murray, Mitch and the HeiQ Team during final commissioning and any ongoing alterations as required.

Many thanks to HeiQ for choosing Workplace Alliance as its preferred Mechanical Engineering Company.

June 19, 2018

Workplace Alliance is proud to announce it will again be the major sponsor for the Embrace Awareness Annual Gala Dinner Fundraiser.

Embrace Awareness is an organisation devoted to raising the awareness of the impact of Domestic Violence on the survivors and their children. The Gala Dinner raises much needed funds for refuges for families who need to flee violent situations and support programs for children involved in the domestic violence cycle.

Workplace Alliance will, for the third year running be the Major named sponsor for this serious community issue. Aligning with Embrace Awareness is a fundamental cornerstone of what the two organisations stand for.

Both Embrace Awareness and Workplace Alliance are about fairness and giving the most vulnerable a hand up with respect and dignity.

Please contact the Embrace Awareness founder Chelsea Dolby on 0417056551 if you are able to support this most worthy cause in any way.

Workplace Alliance continues to build its relationship with Community through Industry Initiatives.

As a family focused bespoke engineering company, we are proud of our most recent successful venture with Barwon Water.

Workplace Alliance and its team safely and ahead of time relocated the entire Barwon Water Workshop from South Geelong to its new complex at Breakwater.

Led by our Area Manager Phil Bissett, our team comprising of all local trades, including one of our apprentices, utilized new and innovative ways to achieve the collective goals of our client and Workplace Alliance.

We continue to support the local Indigenous Wathaurong Community by utilising local trainees.

The STEM initiative encouraging more girls into Engineering related subjects continues with our female trainee based at Godfrey Hirst in South Geelong.

As the major sponsor to local charity Embrace Awareness Foundation we would like to share they will be holding their Annual Gala Dinner at Lord of the Isles, Saturday 3rd October 2018.

This charity is dedicated to providing support for the children affected by domestic violence. We are extremely proud to be the major sponsor of this most important and worthy cause for the third year.

I urge businesses to please contact the charity founder Chelsea Dolby on 0417056551 if you would like to attend or donate in any way.

Family, Community and Opportunity is what Workplace Alliance is all about.

​Please feel free to contact us for any enquiries

The dedicated team at Workplace Alliance has been working on a deconstruction and relocation project of large industrial machinery for a Geelong based manufacturer.

​If your organisation has redundant industrial machinery that needs to be removed or relocated give Wayne a call on 1300 735 423.

Over the Christmas/New Year period, Workplace Alliance personnel worked alongside the Boral Waurn Ponds (Geelong) team to come up with a number of innovative solutions to solve a difficult drive shaft replacement strategy that reduced previous change out times from a week to only 3.5 days.

This dramatically improved up time and delivered on overall equipment efficiency.

Well done to the team at Workplace Alliance team led by Phil Bissett, alongside Darren Goulter, Danny Kaucic, Brad Nye, just to name a few.

This project met all KPI’s with no safety issues, no lost time incidents and zero first aid incidents.

Workplace Alliance is proud to be managing the relocation of a major piece of food grade industrial equipment from Melbourne to Thailand.

Working closely with our client Sakata, the machinery is being expertly prepared for relocation by our talented team led by Project Manager Michael Mills.

Workplace Alliance are experts in project managing the full relocation of industrial machinery within Australia and overseas. For more information contact Wayne Allan on 1300 735 423.

November 3, 2015

Workplace Alliance has been involved in some very interesting projects in and around the Geelong region. One of our most recent projects where our Geelong machinery relocation services have been required has been with Deakin University in Geelong. The University was installing a nanofiber machine at their Geelong campus in Waurn Ponds and they commissioned our team at Workplace Alliance to carry out the installation and construction of the nanofiber machine on site.

This was an extremely delicate job, requiring exceptional attention to detail – something the team from Workplace Alliance were well-trained to do. The project was safely competed by Workplace Alliance in July 2014, with all component of this turnkey project also completed on budget and on time. At Workplace Alliance we are proud of our ability to take on projects of such as this one and to ensure they are successfully completed to our client’s satisfaction each and every time.

The nanofiber machine at Deakin University is now used to create synthetic membranes that are used to repair human skin after burns or where skin has otherwise been damaged. There are times when there are insufficient supplies of donor skin available to satisfactorily treat damaged areas of the body and an alternate solution is needed. The nanofiber machine creates electro spun nanofibrous membranes which are natural, biodegradable and biocompatible materials that are well-suited for use in the process of skin grafting. Amazingly, there are various functionalities that can be incorporated into the nanofibrous membranes to help with wound healing. These functionalities include anti-bacterial properties and drug release.

Whatever your Geelong machinery relocation needs, contact us at Workplace Alliance. We can discuss the machinery you require to be moved, and the process involved in relocating it. It may be as simple as moving the machinery as a whole, or the machinery may require disassembly and reassembly at its new location. Either way, we have the team to get the job done!