March 7, 2016

Workplace Alliance was recently engaged to manage a machinery shutdown maintenance project in Melbourne, for the Boral Tiles plant located in Dingley Village.

​The brief Workplace Alliance received in relation to this shutdown project was to design, fabricate, transport and install two new and re-engineered silos at the Dingley Village site. Shutdown projects require an extensive team, in this case it included our facilities management and structural design staff, our fabrication, logistics and installation crew.

The Boral Tiles plant contains large-scale industrial machinery which is used to produce Boral tiles. It’s important for any manufacturing plant to ensure the safety of its staff and this starts with a safe workplace and well-maintained machinery. Our Senior Project Manager, Phil Bissett coordinated all facets of this project, from the design and fabrication at our Geelong premises to the installation on-site. This was undertaken in conjunction with Mr Michael Bartrop of Boral Tiles to ensure the project was delivered and completed with no loss of production and ahead of schedule.

This shutdown project involved a number of high risk activities, not the least of which was the use of 100 tonne cranes to remove the existing silos and lift and install the two new silos into position.
Workplace Alliance also worked with Boral Tiles during this project to improve the feed systems and the level sensing mechanisms. This turnkey project also involved the demolition and relocation from site of all decommissioned pre-existing structures and the handover of a clean, clear work space.

The final stage was the commissioning of the completed shutdown project. This was accomplished within the preset time frames and handed back to Boral Tiles on January 7th, 2016. Our experienced Workplace Alliance shutdown crew ensured the plant has continued to run productively and efficiently since its commission and has provided Boral Tiles with a reliable and robust feed system to continue the running of their tile plant at Dingley Village, Melbourne.
Workplace Alliance are proud of our OHS record and acknowledge that all shutdowns at all locations were completed on time and on budget with zero harm reported across more than 3,000 man hours on all these combined projects.

Every plant requires maintenance on its machinery, for all machinery shutdown maintenance please contact us.

April 26, 2016

In the month of February, Workplace Alliance undertook a number of Facilities Maintenance Projects. The sites involved ranged from Geelong to Moorabbin and Braeside in Melbourne.

The facilities maintenance project in South Geelong was at a major manufacturing site and involved a complete refurbishment of the main office complex approximately 65 m x 50 m. The building itself was approximately eighty years old.

The scope of works involved in this project alone included:

  • Removing all exterior cladding
  • Repainting all exposed brick work
  • Installation of new windows
  • Installing new insulation
  • Recladding of the entire building
  • Disconnecting and reconnecting all existing services

The facilities maintenance projects undertaken across Geelong and Melbourne involved numerous trades all working for and managed by Workplace Alliance. We value our highly qualified Trades people and all our experienced staff for their safety and quality commitment.

Safe working at heights was a major factor and priority for all of these projects. They were all completed on time, on budget with zero safety issues, an outcome we pride ourselves on at Workplace Alliance. The completed projects have exceeded our clients expectations

​Facilities Maintenance is a major component of Workplace Alliance’s suit of services from small maintenance requirements to turn key major builds, refurbishments or relocation of plant and machinery.