One of our national clients was experiencing issues with a failed impeller motor assembly, that was effectively stopping all new product deliveries to the wharf.

With our industry partners, we were able to remove the failed assembly, conduct all necessary repairs, including motor re-alignment and impeller balancing.

The urgent repairs were achieved within a tight timeline to ensure our client was ready for the decanting of the next vessel.

These photos below illustrate the crane lifting the assembly back into position, securing the assembly, and the final testing and sign off our repair works.

Well done and thank you to our team at Lascelles Wharf, Geelong.

Workplace Alliance offers the service of Stores Management.

Our team is both experienced & conversant with the most efficient methodology in maintaining a nimble and agile Stores System.

We have people with expertise in:

  1. KANBAN (just in time)
  2. FMEA (Failure Mode Equipment Analysis)
  3. TPS (Toyota Production Systems)
  4. LEAN (Ford Motor Company)
  5. ABS (Alcoa Business Systems)

Currently, we have experienced people operating stores at:

  • Boral Cement, where we have managed the Boral Stores system for over 2 years.
  • Carbon Revolution, where we maintain their Stores.

Contact Wayne on 1300 735 423 for more information or to discuss your Stores Management needs.