Workplace Alliance is pleased to report that two recent projects in Adelaide and Geelong were delivered by our professional team on-time, to specification and significantly under budget.

The result delighted our two clients who were impressed by the quality of our work and the high level of safety and care delivered by our team.

In delivering our project summaries, we were also delighted to inform our clients that their projects were also delivered significantly under budget. This was achieved through our team working closely with clients to streamline process, without compromising quality or safety, and the experience and professionalism of our team and leadership.

Workplace Alliance is a Geelong-based company offering extensive industrial engineering services to businesses in a range of industries

Workplace Alliance recently completed the manufacturing and installation a series of guarding (see images below) at one of their client sites in Moolap, Geelong.

Our client identified an issue during production and requested the urgent assistance of Workplace Alliance.

The process followed by our team included:
Consultation, precise measuring, design, manufacturing, powder coating and installation.

Our team worked alongside our client providing vital project management processes including presentation, gaining design and manufacturing approval, and project completion sign off.

Our team did an excellent job in completing the project in line with client expectation.

Our team have been busy over the holiday period conducting remedial works at one of our client sites.

The works are required to get the piece of infrastructure ready for use on the West Gate Tunnel Project in Melbourne Australia.

Workplace Alliance is a Geelong-based company offering extensive industrial engineering services to businesses in a range of industries.

Many parts of South Eastern Australia are experiencing unprecedented bushfires. Join Workplace Alliance and our Team in supporting those affected by donating. Go to Vic Bushfire Disaster Appeal or the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal.

Workplace Alliance staff were recently requested to provide multiple disciplines across all shifts in support of our valued client, Boral Cement Waurn Ponds.

Our team led by Phil Bisset provided the experience and expertise to complete a major plant upgrade.

This was achieved with zero harm or impact on productivity whilst delivering an on time, on budget outcome.

Thank you to all involved.

Workplace Alliance is a Geelong-based company offering extensive industrial engineering services to businesses in a range of industries.

Workplace Alliance was commissioned by Pepsi Co after a successful plant relocation to Thailand, to undertake a similar relocation project in Adelaide.

The Pepsi Co Adelaide site project required the safe and efficient removal, identification, packing and shipping of an entire product line, all whilst production continued on other operating lines.

Workplace Alliance have a dedicated professional team committed to plant relocations, and after confirming scopes, the mobilisation began.

The project was initially estimated to take 12-14 days, however our professional team was able to complete the project, including demobilisation, in 11 days.

Most importantly the project was completed with zero safety incidents, zero impact on Pepsi Co production, and was completed ahead of schedule and under budget to the satisfaction of the client.

Below is a photo gallery demonstrating the project and our professional approach.

We wish to thank our team led by Michael Mills, Phil Bissett, Darren Goulter, Sarah Carty and Brad Nye for their attention to detail and professional attitude.

Workplace Alliance also wish to thank Pepsi Co for their trust in our family operated, value add engineering company.

If your organisation is considering plant and equipment relocation please give Wayne a call on 1300 735 423.

Workplace Alliance is a Geelong-based company offering extensive industrial engineering services to businesses in a range of industries.

Recently Workplace Alliance was invited to visit the American Headquarters of HeiQ International in North Carolina.

The reason for this invitation was Workplace Alliance had worked collaboratively with HeiQ in designing and building four pilot plants in Australia, located at Deakin University in Waurn Ponds, Geelong.

The fourth & final pilot plant is successfully producing a textile additive that creates an amazing silk like handle when added to the HeiQ American product.

What was even more important is that all the ingredients for this Australian invention are sourced from sustainable products creating a significant green footprint.

Workplace Alliance Managing Director, Wayne Allan was privileged to spend time with HeiQ President & CEO Michael Smith and COO Wayne Cate.

“The alliance between Workplace Alliance & HeiQ is strong and getting stronger based on brilliant innovative thinking, a can do attitude and care for our planet” said Wayne.

For more information on HeiQ visit their website.

Workplace Alliance is a Geelong-based company offering extensive industrial engineering services to businesses in a range of industries.

Recently, Workplace Alliance completed a plant strip out and relocation for a client in Bayswater, Melbourne East.

We removed three major yarn extruders, ovens, coolers, compressors along with other associated equipment.

The project, headed by Michael Mills, involves trades working both day and night to achieve a turn around inside a week.

With safety on-site a priority, a robust, live SWMS (Safe Work Method Statement), along with daily toolbox meetings is essential.

A Traffic Management Plan was also central to our works, as we utilised mobile plant and cranes, as well as having a number of people moving around and near the site.

Workplace Alliance is proud to advise these works have been achieved with zero safety incidents, ahead of time and on budget.

Above are some images from the project.

One of our national clients was experiencing issues with a failed impeller motor assembly, that was effectively stopping all new product deliveries to the wharf.

With our industry partners, we were able to remove the failed assembly, conduct all necessary repairs, including motor re-alignment and impeller balancing.

The urgent repairs were achieved within a tight timeline to ensure our client was ready for the decanting of the next vessel.

These photos below illustrate the crane lifting the assembly back into position, securing the assembly, and the final testing and sign off our repair works.

Well done and thank you to our team at Lascelles Wharf, Geelong.

Workplace Alliance offers the service of Stores Management.

Our team is both experienced & conversant with the most efficient methodology in maintaining a nimble and agile Stores System.

We have people with expertise in:

  1. KANBAN (just in time)
  2. FMEA (Failure Mode Equipment Analysis)
  3. TPS (Toyota Production Systems)
  4. LEAN (Ford Motor Company)
  5. ABS (Alcoa Business Systems)

Currently, we have experienced people operating stores at:

  • Boral Cement, where we have managed the Boral Stores system for over 2 years.
  • Carbon Revolution, where we maintain their Stores.

Contact Wayne on 1300 735 423 for more information or to discuss your Stores Management needs.