Wayne Allan mentors Sagar from Nepal

Sagar Completes Geelong Mentoring Program

As part of our Workplace Alliance and C6 Group community engagement, Director Wayne Allan has been mentoring Sagar Pathak. Originally from Nepal, Sagar is studying at Deakin University as a graduate Engineer.

Sagar will complete his Masters in Civil Engineering in February 2022.

This is a Geelong City Council initiative, called Study Geelong Career Mentoring Program 2021, in assisting overseas students gain a foothold in their chosen field in Geelong.

We are proud to announce that Sagar has completed the mentoring session, and both he and Wayne have learnt a great deal along this journey. Thank you Sagar, and we wish you all of the success for your future.

We encourage all businesses to make the time to assist students local and overseas to become more job ready.

This initiative is valuable and we would like to thank the Program Coordinator Simone Budd as well as all of the mentors and mentees for their tireless work. We wish them all the best in their respective futures, carrying this experience they’ve had here in Australia.

This is another example of how Workplace Alliance embrace and reinvest in the local community.