Together We Learn – by Norm Jurrawaa Stanley

Norm Jurrawaa Stanley is a Kurnai/Wotjabaluk musician, artist and storyteller who follows in the footsteps of his ancestors by sharing the stories of land, life and culture. We are humbled and grateful for Norm to have painted this powerful artwork for us.

Norm describes his artwork Together We Learn:

The background represents the Coastline, the surf and sand of Wadawurrung Country. The central circle (gathering place) is connected to both smaller circles either side. This is the coming together of Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal people to learn from each other.

The red lines and dots represent the journeys that we take to meet each other. The outer lines of White dots represent respect going in both directions. Respect is given back when it is received. This is a lesson that I was taught at an early age. My Dad said “If they give you respect, you give it back. That’s how it is for us Culturally”. Norm Jurrawaa Stanley

Norm Jurrawaa Stanley teaches that our journey to reconciliation is so much stronger when we walk together and share stories together.

Workplace Alliance say a very big thank you to Norm Jurrawaa Stanley this painting and for teaching us and helping us to share in truth telling.