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Need support to boost your business? Workplace Alliance is one of a few local organisations that are pre-qualified for the Victorian Government’s Boost Your Business Voucher Program.

Program Overview
​The Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR) has established Boost Your Business Vouchers to support Victorian businesses to become more productive, employ more people, improve market access and in general, increase their scale, diversity and profitability.

The three overarching objectives of Boost Your Business Vouchers are to:

  1. increase the number of Victorian businesses entering new export markets and securing supply chain opportunities
  2. increase the number of Victorian Businesses developing and commercialising new products and services through research and development and generating improved productivity through process innovation
  3. improve the capability of Victorian businesses to accelerate growth and realise new opportunities.

In the longer term, the Boost Your Business Vouchers will help grow the Victorian economy by supporting the following outcomes:

  • Victorian businesses are inventive, responsive and diverse, with increased levels of business innovation and business diversification
  • Victoria creates and diffuses knowledge through research, collaboration and commercialisation, leading to increased spending and economic return from research and innovation
  • Victoria is a desired source of exports and a destination for foreign investment
  • Victoria’s business environment is competitive and provides confidence, including through increased market access
  • Victorians are adaptive, knowledgeable and entrepreneurial, leading to increased knowledge and skills and extended entrepreneurship.

What you get
Vouchers are used by Victorian businesses or organisations in exchange for services that will build their capabilities in three main areas:

  • Market Engagement – services to assist companies and organisations to identify and secure international market development and export opportunities.
  • Innovation – services to assist companies to develop or commercialise new products and improve process innovation.
  • Business Capability – services to assist companies to position them to support future growth.

​Funding rounds are regularly added. For more information visit the Boost Your Business website or contact Wayne Allan on 1300 735 423.

UPDATE: Is your workplace COVID-19 compliant? Workplace Alliance is ready to assist your organisation in efficiently modifying your factory, warehouse, production line, store and offices to be COVID-19 safe for your employees and customers. All projects, regardless of size and location are welcome. Speak to Wayne Allan today on 1300 735 423.

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