Warehousing is a distinct skill set that can be underrated if not managed well.

Workplace Alliance have been working with a Laverton import company to address some issues around their overall efficiencies of movement & storage.

The brief was simple, how can we do it better?

Our team firstly worked with the crew on the floor to see what impediments they experienced. We did the same with Management. We spoke to their clients, both shipping & receiving. This information gave us an overall “road map” and, more importantly, a list to prioritise from. It also opened up communications to streamline process.

Collectively, we standardised all storage areas, removing three areas in the ordering process that were largely redundant and had led to expensive and confusing ambiguities. Importantly, all involved reported that they felt that their ideas were important and they were being listened to.

We also introduced the network to each other by use of Skype. Everyone now has a face they can now put to a name.

Our client moved effectively from a transactional to a relationship based model.

Another key win for this company was that in the past two financial years they had incurred inefficiency debts of $86,000 and $104,000 respectively. These debts were put down to demurrage & detentions costs at the wharf and in transport.

We have, with the aid of our preferred Shipping Agent, removed those debts entirely by moving to FOB (free on board). The compound affect of this will make our client stronger, leaner and more agile by having a more adept WIP (work in progress) budget.

A great result by all involved.