June 19, 2018

Workplace Alliance is proud to announce it will again be the major sponsor for the Embrace Awareness Annual Gala Dinner Fundraiser.

Embrace Awareness is an organisation devoted to raising the awareness of the impact of Domestic Violence on the survivors and their children. The Gala Dinner raises much needed funds for refuges for families who need to flee violent situations and support programs for children involved in the domestic violence cycle.

Workplace Alliance will, for the third year running be the Major named sponsor for this serious community issue. Aligning with Embrace Awareness is a fundamental cornerstone of what the two organisations stand for.

Both Embrace Awareness and Workplace Alliance are about fairness and giving the most vulnerable a hand up with respect and dignity.

Please contact the Embrace Awareness founder Chelsea Dolby on 0417056551 if you are able to support this most worthy cause in any way.