January 5, 2017

Recently, the Workplace Alliance team were contacted to relocate a High Security Ballistic Press from one location to another.

The client insisted a number of requirements be met by our company

  1. Strict confidentiality
  2. Short lead time demanded the move occur on a specific date
  3. The press must be moved intact, relocated and operational on the same day.
  4. Safety was not to be compromised

The team met and discussed the client’s requirements and decided all of the non-negotiable requirements mentioned above were all achievable.

At Workplace Alliance safety is never compromised so during the discussion process we agreed to send part (A) of the team to view the job in situ and meet again to discuss a methodology to achieve the required outcome for our client.

The rest of our team (B) worked on addressing options at the installation point that would allow for a non crane based move. This was imperative as there was insufficient room at the relocation point to use conventional methods.

Team (A) and (B) then came together and formulated a Safe Work Method Statement to achieve all four goals.

Confidentiality was met with all Workplace Alliance staff signing Non-Disclosure Agreements.

Short lead time was achieved by allocating specific resources to meet the time constraints.

Workplace Alliance reverse engineered the press into modular components allowing for secure moving with minimal disconnection.

Due to insufficient room at the relocation point to use a crane the team devised a simple, safe, innovative and robust method of lifting, lowering, skating and relocating the press into position.

The project was successfully conducted with all Workplace Alliance team members having input to achieve the specific requirements of the client.

The press was operational 6 hours after initial disconnection.

The client was extremely impressed with the outcome.

Workplace Alliance team members are to be congratulated on achieving a safe and successful relocation of this High Security Ballistic Press.