Workplace Alliance are proud supporters of STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM partners with businesses and schools to give their students real industry experience. Building this bridge while children are still in school gives them insight and encouragement to pick subjects which they are passionate in, and in turn they can see how their studies and apply in the workforce.

Moli Bagshaw from Clonard College spent this last in hi-vis with the Workplace Alliance engineers. Experiencing a range of areas, and not afraid to be hands-on and brave the heights of the scissor lift. Moli is the 3rd student who we have conducted this work experience with as part of our investment in students and trades.

Workplace Alliance would like to thank Godfrey Hirst for allowing us to bring Moli onto their premises safely, as well as Clonard College for their continual support.
Pictured are left to right: Wayne Allan, Moli Bagshaw, Craig Kerr Nelson.