The Fabrication & Installation teams of Workplace Alliance are proud of our latest project. The entire fabrication and installation of this massive project has all been in Geelong. Everything from the procurement, material, consumables, trades engineering apprentices transportation and detailing. The work that we do, is not about finding short-cuts or just “ticking the box.” We maintain the level of work, detail and service by keeping it local, working with local businesses and people towards a common goal. Keeping it local to benefit the local community, and leaving it better than we found it.

This project was ably managed by Michael Mills, Charlie Adonetto and Shane Vance. Along with our experienced team of Shayne Kerr Nelson, Darren Goulter, Dwayne Bensch, Anthony Catania , Grant Ward, Ryan Power, Chris McColgan to name but a few.

Thank you to our committed team. Brilliant work start to finish, as always.