January 2, 2018

In early December, Workplace Alliance, as part of our core business, was asked to help increase output at a local diary.

One of our Engineers from Workplace Alliance went to site to evaluate the current process.

As part of that site evaluation the following items are identified and measured:

  • Natural flow and identification of “bottle necks”
  • Input optimisation
  • Throughput efficiency (waste reduction)
  • Output efficiency
  • Operator awareness
  • Training gaps
  • FMEA – Failure Mode Equipment Analysis

A report was drafted and discussed with the client.

As part of adopting this report:

  1. The OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) has risen by 15% with the trend strongly maintained
  2. We have reduced stores inventory by 37% through means of standardising and different procurement arrangements.
  3. An updated training schedule has been drafted with an expectation of initiation in early 2018.

​This was another successful project where Workplace Alliance worked with a client to optimise production and reduce costs.