Our team at Workplace Alliance has been busy recently, relocating equipment to East Alton in Illinois USA on behalf of Winchester Australia.

After 52 years operating its manufacturing plant out of Moolap, Geelong, Winchester has closed its Australian manufacturing, but continues to deliver world class global distribution out of Geelong to Europe, Asia, New Zealand and throughout Australia.

Steve Hirst, Winchester Australia’s Moolap Facilities Manager says “Our focus is to continue to be a world class distributor of Winchester products. The Geelong operation, with its 35 staff, continues to deliver important and essential services for the Winchester brand and our global clients.”

Winchester contracted Workplace Alliance to relocate its manufacturing equipment back to Illinois on its behalf as it lacked the in-house expertise for such an important major project.

Steve says Workplace Alliance were contracted as they not only had the expertise, but had the reputation for being professional and getting the job done on time and on budget. “I’m impressed with how Wayne and his team managed the project. They were proactive, had a high focus on safety and were price competitive. The managed SWMS (Safe Workplace Method Statement), erected temporary fencing, created exclusions zones and conducted traffic management amongst other things. The listened and were sensitive to our workplace environment. The end result is that the equipment is safely and securely on its way to Illinois and the project has been delivered not only on time and without incident, but it has also been delivered under budget. Going forward Workplace Alliance is now a preferred supplier and we highly recommend their services.” Steve said.

Workplace Alliance handles industrial and factory relocations on behalf of many clients. We take care of all the details from planning, deconstruction, packaging, shipping and reconstruction of equipment, large and small. Regardless of where you are globally and what your needs are, we are here to make your equipment relocation seamless, efficient and cost effective.

Contact Wayne on 1300 735 423 for more information or to book a relocation.

For more information on Winchester Australia visit their website at https://www.winchesteraustralia.com.au.