Industrial Machinery Relocation Services

Any kind of industrial moving takes careful planning and meticulous organisation. Whatever the size of your move, you can rely on the team at Workplace Alliance because it is ancillary to production for outstanding industrial relocation services in Geelong, around Australia and across the globe.

At Workplace Alliance, we are committed to Manufacturing and have extensive experience providing successful machinery relocation services and factory relocation services and can guide you through all aspects of an industrial relocation or machinery relocation. We know that every project we deal with is unique and we are able to customise each process to ensure the safe and secure transportation of each piece of machinery.

​From simple machinery relocation services when you need one machine moved within a factory, to large-scale factory relocation services, Workplace Alliance strives to provide exceptional customer service to make us one of the most trusted and sought-after industrial machine movers Geelong-wide and around the world.

A piece of industrial machinery is very different from a piece of furniture, and as such the movement or relocation of any industrial machinery requires expert planning and care.

As experienced industrial machinery movers, the team at Workplace Alliance will come to your location to assess the machinery you have and determine the safest, most effective and affordable way to relocate it.

Where you have an entire factory needing to be relocated, whether within, to or from Geelong or anywhere around the world, our experienced team will assess the contents of your plant or business premises and determine the most affordable and effective way to carry out your relocation.

Contact Workplace Alliance to discuss your industrial relocation needs. We have the experience and know-how to make any move as easy and affordable as it can be.

This is also a great time to organise a maintenance program for your machinery and equipment. A regular Geelong plant machinery maintenance program is essential to keep your equipment working safely and at its optimal level.

“I’m impressed with how Wayne and his team managed our equipment relocation project. They were proactive, had a high focus on safety and were price competitive. The managed SWMS (Safe Workplace Method Statement), erected temporary fencing, created exclusions zones and conducted traffic management amongst other things. The listened and were sensitive to our workplace environment. The end result is that the equipment is safely and securely on its way to Illinois and the project has been delivered not only on time and without incident, but it has also been delivered under budget. Going forward Workplace Alliance is now a preferred supplier and we highly recommend their services.”

Steve Hirst, Winchester Australia.