Industry Shutdown Maintenance

Carrying out regular maintenance on workplace machinery is vital for a number of reasons, but primarily for the safety of those using the machinery and for ensuring the optimal functioning of the machinery. As Workplace Alliance are essentially ancillary to production we listen and work closely with manufacturers to achieve optimum outcomes.

Without regular maintenance, machinery may become worn and new hazards may appear. Existing safety devices and procedures may no longer be effective and as a result the operator and possibly other workers may be at risk of injury. Where you are relying on a safety system to keep employees safe it is vital to maintain the machinery to the same level it was when the safety system was originally implemented.

It is not enough to simply repair machinery once there is a fault or failure with that piece of equipment. Breakdown maintenance will not be enough to maintain safety levels and standards within your factory or business. This is where Workplace Alliance can help. Our plant machinery shutdown maintenance services are ancillary to production & can run over a period of time when your plant operations are shut down for other reasons. This could be over the Christmas or holiday season or a designated time of the year when a shutdown is more easily accommodated for other reasons.

Regular maintenance also prevents the need for breakdown repairs and maintenance this is our inherent link to improving manufacturing effectiveness. Indeed, the role of regular maintenance is to ensure your equipment operates at optimum efficiency at all times it is required for production. A breakdown costs more than just the amount paid for the repairs. Equipment that is not functioning might also cause production processes to stop and the flow-on effects and costs can be significant.

Another reason for plant equipment shutdown maintenance is that maintenance is most effective when equipment is fully shut down and where machinery has any residual or stored energy this is released prior to maintenance. Our team is experienced and has the required training and certification to safely manage high-risk maintenance tasks and operations.

Don’t let downtime impact your productivity and your profitability. Rely on Workplace Alliance to carry out affordable and effective plant machinery shutdown maintenance at your plant or factory.

Workplace Alliance can also put together an effective plant equipment maintenance schedule for you, ensuring all maintenance checks and repairs are carried out regularly and by trained and authorised technicians.

Contact Workplace Alliance today and let us inspect your factory or plant to determine the maintenance schedule to best suit your needs and budget.